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  • La Scolca

    February 12, 2021 1 min read

    La Scolca
    Country: Italy
    Appellation: Gavi


    What is striking when one arrives at Tenuta La Scolca, in addition to the ancient tower that dominates the house, is the pleasant atmosphere: tradition, hard work and commitment have brought a sense of harmony and intention to all that takes place.

    The La Scolca estate was purchased between 1917 and 1919 by the great-grandfather of Giorgio Soldati who, today, leads the company with his daughter Chiara.

    Giorgio Soldati has proven himself to be a valid and innovative interpreter: he has created an extraordinary set of wines that have brought honour to the “Gavi” region and to the Cortese grape. The greatest task has been leading the company, working to strengthen its image and reputation throughout the world and maintaining the highest possible quality standards.

    The Cortese grapes, for example, in the Gavi region, near Novi Ligure, result in a wine with an aristocratic personality – basic and intense, durable and elegant; and, within the borders of the small municipality of Gavi, the best results are obtained in the Rovereto district. If we classify the region as is done in France, Rovereto di Gavi would be, without any doubt, the “Grand Cru” of the Cortese grape.