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  • Château de Coulaine

    April 26, 2022 1 min read

    Château de Coulaine

    Chinon Wines with Over 600 Years of Organic Production!

    Le Château de Coulaine is a very ancient family winery passed on from generation to generation. The castle was built in 1470 by Jehan de Garguesalles and wines have been produced there ever since. The production has always been organic and pesticides have never been used in over 600 years on the vines around the castle!

    All the different terroirs have a huge impact in their production, with their main focus being the Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. We are very proud of this new collaboration with such a unique producer.

    Since 1997, the estate has been certified in organic agriculture: the first one at Chinon. However, the thinking started much earlier, because the willing to work the soils mechanically and without using herbicide had already been in the air since the remaking of the estate in 1989.

    They observed that the wines could taste richer and more balanced when organically harvested and produced. They have also started to reduce the use of sulphur and copper, and reduced their usage to below French and European Standards.

    Country: France
    Appellation: Chinon