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  • March 01, 2022 2 min read

    With Easter approaching , and the spotlight on Bordeaux, David is delighted to share unique insights from the book "The Irish Wines of Bordeaux" written by his father, T.P Whelehan in 1990. We hope you enjoy the fourth and last instalment.





     "Jean Mialhe is also proprietor of Châteaux Coufran in the northern part of the Haut-Médoc. He, too, is a grandson of Frederic Mialhe, husband of Adèle Mitchell. Adèle's father, Francois-Patrick was married to Elyse-Peggy Lynch and started the first glass factory in Bordeaux. Jean Mialhe is also a first cousin of the owners of both Château Pichon Longueville Lalande and Château Siran. Jean's sister, Mme. Cesselin, owns the very important Cru Grand Bourgeois exceptionnel, Château Citran.

    His other properties include Châteaux Verdignan, a Cru Grand Bourgeois, and Château Soudars - both in the Haut-Médoc and adjacent to Coufran. Production is large and the 135 acres yield around 33,000 cases on average. Uniquely, in the Médoc, the Merlot grape totally predominates (85%). This gives a very forward, fruity, supple, quick maturing wine. It could hardly be called stylish, nor does it have great character, but it has an easy appeal and is reasonably priced. The vintages in the eighties have been consistent and successful. The 1982 perhaps being best of all with extraordinary richness and fruit. Enjoy it from now until 10 years old, when it will show best. The 1986 and 1985 are both splendid. The former easily being the better. The 1985 is already quite mature, but the latter will go on for longer than any other recent Coufran."


    Reproduced with the kind permission of Bruce Arnold.