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  • Dive Into the Sparkling World of Cava

    May 09, 2024 2 min read

    Dive Into the Sparkling World of Cava

    New to Cava or a seasoned sipper, our Maria Casanovas Cava from Penedes is a must-try. Exquisite and crafted with care, it’s perfect for any occasion—especially with the sunny days of summer just around the corner. It’s bound to lift your spirits and add a bit of sparkle to your glass!

    Ah, Cava! That sparkling delight from Spain that’s been charming the socks off wine lovers far and wide. It’s got the class of its more expensive bubbly cousins but at a slice of the price. Today, let’s have a closer look at a true standout from our collection: the Maria Casanovas Cava, crafted right in the lush heart of Catalonia’s Penedes region

    What’s So Special About Penedes Cava?

    Penedes, tucked away in Catalonia, isn’t just another wine region—it’s the cradle of Cava. The soil is as varied as it gets, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for grapes destined for bubbly. This magical combo brings out the zesty, lively flavours that set Penedes Cava apart.

    Meet Maria Casanovas: A Legacy of Finesse

    Back in '84, Maria Casanovas started up her own spot with a clear vision for top-notch Cavas. They’ve held fast to the traditional Champenoise method—the very same used in Champagne production. This technique imparts a refined complexity to their Cava, complete with the delightful fine bubbles so characteristic of their style, that play across your palate! This wine gained fame as it was often served by the glass at El Bulli, a restaurant that was repeatedly recognised as the best in the world! 

    Every bottle from this family owned winery is steeped in the history of their 9-hectare estate in the Penedes DO. From organic grown vine to glass, the care and expertise are palpable. But let’s talk about what this Organic Cava is all about:

    • Aroma: Imagine a whiff of fresh apples, a hint of almonds, and a dash of minerals.
    • Flavours: It’s like a burst of white fruit with a lovely creamy, toasty finish.
    • Feel: Bright, crisp, and absolutely brimming with bubbles.

    To be enjoyed fresh! This organic beauty, crafted exclusively from a blend of white grapes - Macabeo, Parellada, and Xarello - doesn't need to gather dust. Drink it now while it’s young and vibrant! 

    Food Pairings to Make It Shine

    This Cava is a star with starters. Pop open a bottle for an aperitif or have it alongside fancy seafood, or even some smoked fish. It’s got the zing to cut through richer flavours and brighten up your meal. 

    Maria Casanovas Brut de Brut Reserva Cava, NV


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