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    Double distilled Irish Brandy made from selected Cider. 

    Longueville House Distillery was Ireland's first micro distillery (est 1985) and Ireland's fourth distillery to gain a licence for distilling spirits.

    Longueville House Apple Brandy is a double distillation (ABV 40%) of our own cider. Our distillery uses the Republic of Ireland's only flame fed antique copper pot stills and worm tub coil condensers.

    Once the cider is fermented, resulting in a rich amber colour it is poured into pot stills where it is double distilled into an apple brandy.

    The Brandy is stored in French oak barrels, where it is aged for between four and six years to mature. During the maturing process, the brandy draws out the tannins, vanilla, oak and smokiness from the oak wood. Our Longueville House Apple Brandy is then cold filtered (non chill filtered) and bottled by hand. The resulting brandy is rich with the aroma of apples, smooth and full bodied on the palate.