February 23, 2022 1 min read

Country: Spain
Appellation: Bierzo


The Luna Beberide Bodegas has gone little by little, slowly, taking care of the land, pampering the vines, focusing on the raw material, from the plant to the label and under the philosophy that quality is always linked to respect for the land.
Thirty years after Bernardo Luna launched himself into winemaking, today, the second generation of the Luna Beberide family, led by Alejandro Luna Beberide, only intends to follow that line of simplicity, quality and seek excellence based on to the care and respect for the vines since in 1998, at the hands of Mariano García, who was Vega Sicilia's winemaker for many years and a friend of the family, when they started the first Luna Beberide reference reds.



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