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  • Begali Lorenzo

    May 29, 2020 1 min read

    Begali Lorenzo
    Country: Italy
    Appellation: DOC Valpolicella


    The Begali Estate (10 hectares) is situated in the DOC of Valpolicella in a small hamlet called Cengia. The vineyards are set amongst wonderful cherry groves.

    Here, the terroir is particularly conducive to producing intense, fragrant wines. Since the early 1900s, the Begali family has passed their learnings and love of the land tradition from generation to generation. Giordano Begali began to produce wine after the Second World War, is succeeded at the helm by his son Lorenzo and his wife Adriana. Lorenzo’s and Adriana’s son and daughter Giordano and Tiliana, all of whom are equally passionate and excited about the vineyards that they are custodians over are fully involved and committed to this exceptional estate.

    The family’s philosophy is to always respect tradition yet to strive to improve quality. Every year this wonderful estate attracts lots of plaudits – and been awarded endless 3 Bicchieri (3 Glasses - their top award) from the Gambero Rosso.