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  • French Wine and Cheese Pairing with Whelehans Wines

    October 04, 2023 3 min read

    French Wine and Cheese Pairing with Whelehans Wines

    Are you a wine enthusiast in Ireland looking to elevate your wine and cheese pairing experience? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a carefully curated selection of exquisite French wines that will delight your senses and help you create unforgettable foodie experiences.

    Whether you're in search of exclusive wines or convenient wine delivery options, Whelehans Wines has got you covered!


    Pairing 1: Goat Cheese & Domaine André Vatan Sancerre Les Charmes Blanc, 2022

    Let's kick off your journey with the delightful Domaine André Vatan Sancerre "Les Charmes Blanc", 2022. This Sancerre offers a fresh and balanced taste with good persistence. It displays a straw-yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose, an elegant fragrance of lemon and citrus emerges, accompanied by delicate notes of minerals. On the palate, it offers a pleasingly fresh and well-balanced experience with a good finish. The subtlety of this Sancerre won't overpower the taste of the cheese, and its acidity will match perfectly the richness.


    Domaine André Vatan, Les Charmes


    Pairing 2: Brie Cheese & Champagne Bénard Pitois "Cartes Blanches" 

    Next, venture into the world of grower Champagne with our non-vintage Bénard Pitois "Cartes Blanches" - a perfect expression when the traditional alliance of the three Champagne grape varieties meets a Premier Cru terroir, all crafted by a skilled winegrower. It harmonises beautifully with mild creamy cheeses like Brie cheese. The Champagne's effervescence and freshness complement the creamy textures of the cheese splendidly.

    Champagne "Carte Blanche" by Benard Pitois

    Pairing 3: Comté Cheese & Gamay or Pinot Noir 

    Let's take your cheese and wine pairing to the next level. If you have a creamy 12-months Comté cheese, try pairing it with a young and fruity Gamay wine, like our Domaine de la Plaigne - Beaujolais Village, 2018. This wine has a vibrant ruby color and subtle hints of red berries such as raspberry, redcurrant, and cherry. It has a smooth, velvety texture that complements the freshly crushed red fruit flavours. Both have just the right amount of aroma and complexity to them, without running the risk of one overpowering the other. 

    Beaujolais village Domaine La Plaigne

    Alternatively, if you're enjoying an older 18-month Comté cheese with a nuttier profile, consider pairing it with a richer Pinot Noir from Burgundy, like our Bourgogne Pinot Noir from Cyrot Buthiau, 2020. This Pinot Noir is robust, full-bodied, and luxurious, featuring layers of dark fruits and a harmonious blend of French oak, delivering an exceptional tasting experience

    Domaine Cyrot Buthiau Bourgogne pinot Noir

    Pairing 4: Munster Cheese from Alsace & Hugel & Fils's Gewurztraminer

    The famous cheese of Alsace naturally complements wines from the region, and Hugel & Fils's Gewurztraminer is a particularly good match. This wine exhibits a light golden color with yellow hues and offers aromas of white flowers, peach, apricot, and pineapple. It presents a delightful combination of freshness, sweetness, and dryness, with an intense apricot finish. Take your wine and cheese experience to the next level by pairing a young or middle-aged Munster cheese from Alsace with a Gewurztraminer from the same region. The aromatic notes of Gewurztraminer complement the bold flavors of Munster cheese, creating a heavenly match.

    Hugel & Fils Hugel Gewürztraminer, 2018

    Pairing 5: Roquefort Cheese & Château Coutet, 2013 Barsac-Sauterne

    The botrytis established itself in early October, and the harvest continued into November, resulting in generous aromas of orange zest, candied apricot, honey, and subtle, elegant toastiness. This wine is very rich, highly concentrated, and indicative of ideal botrytis conditions. It exudes class and finesse with lively citrus fruits and smooth vanilla tones.Conclude your wine and cheese adventure on a high note with a classic pairing—Roquefort cheese and sweet wine from Barsac or Sauterne. The rich and creamy Roquefort cheese perfectly balances the sweetness of the wine, resulting in a magical culinary experience.

    Chateau Coutet 2013, Barsac



    Elevate your pairing game with these exceptional selections of wines and cheeses from Whelehans Wines. Whether you're shopping for wine online, seeking exclusive wines imported to Ireland, or looking for wine delivery to your doorstep, we have you covered with a curated collection that will enhance your culinary experiences!

    If you ever require personalised wine and food pairing advice, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our dedicated team of experts is available to offer you expert guidance and suggestions customised to your individual tastes.
    Whether you're preparing for a special dining occasion or simply eager to discover new culinary experiences, we are a quick message or phone call away, ready to enhance your dining adventures! 


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