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  • David - "the gift that keeps on giving"

    November 29, 2022 1 min read

    David - "the gift that keeps on giving"
    WINE SUBSCRIPTIONS - the gift that keeps on giving.

    One of the great delights has to be expectation of a new and well judged collection of wine arriving at your door. The pop of the cork and the sheer delight of a well recommended wine that you are going to savour and will thrill in recommending it to a friend.

    Wine subscriptions or wine plans are very much de rigueur at the moment and many wine companies are offering a multitude of options, we are one of those companies.


    For us it is really important that we get the selection right from day one. We encourage you to share your preferences with us via our palate quiz which slightly emulates the learning that we gain at our experiential tasting bar.

    This learning for us is not a preachy thing where we try to tell you why you should enjoy a particular wine. Rather, it is for us to fine tune our offering to you.

    For your reference we aim to source wines that truly reflect their terroir, wines that will complement food. We focus a lot on the freshness of the wine and are cognisant of alcohol levels. We welcome awards and high points from well regarded judges but see these as an affirmation of our choice rather than the reason to select the wines.

    We aim to bring fun, engagement, learning but most of all pleasure. to the whole wine equation. Sounds interesting check out our website or drop into our award winning store. - David Whelehan