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  • Best in Class - Hotel & Catering Review

    October 03, 2020 1 min read

    Best in Class - Hotel & Catering Review

    This year's best sommelier in Ireland competition took place in August at Whelehans Wines, Co Dublin

    "David Whelehan took after his father and is today one of Ireland's leading authorities on wine, often discussing wines in national press, radio and television. David's father T.P. was one of Ireland's greatest authorities on wines, especially wine from Burgundy. As a renowned oenophile, he wrote in many magazines and newspapers on the subject. He became Ireland's first wine correspondent and critic.

    Whelehans Wines offers a unique range of wine tasting experiences and wine appreciation courses in its 'W' Wine School. Classes take place above the wine store in the 'tasting rooms', a beautiful, spacious and modern learning environment. The 'W' Wine School delivers passionate, enthusiastic, expert and most importantly, fun wine appreciation courses." Andrew O'Gorman.