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  • Acclaimed Grower Champagne Producer for Sale in Ireland

    March 14, 2023 2 min read

    Acclaimed Grower Champagne Producer for Sale in Ireland

    Looking for premium Grower Champagne in Ireland? Look no further than Whelehans Wines. 

    At Whelehans Wines, in Dublin, we offer the highly acclaimed grower Champagne Bénard-Pitois' Carte Blanche cuvée, recommended by journalists Aoife Carrigy from the Irish Independent, and Tom Doorley from the Irish Daily Mail.

    "A gorgeous grower Champagne offering excellent value either solo for a virant apéritif, or for gastro pairings for its pretty red fruit, cocoa butter and brioche notes. Smoked salmon mousse perhaps, or beef carpaccio with Parmesan Aoife Carrigy - 11th December 2021 

    "This elegant premier cru Champagne is streets ahead of several big names costing almost twice the price. Lovely bottle age and complexity, and a bargain even at its full price of €39" Tom Doorley - 17th July 2021

    Perhaps you're familiar with Champagne, but have you heard of Grower Champagne? Allow us to introduce this unique type of Champagne. 

    Grower Champagne is a unique and artisanal expression of the Champagne region.

    Made by small-scale producers who own their own vineyards and grow their own grapes, grower Champagne is a direct reflection of the vineyard's unique characteristics, allowing you to experience the nuances of terroir and small-batch production. Unlike blended Champagnes, which may include grapes from multiple vineyards and appellations, grower Champagne is sourced from a single vineyard or a small number of vineyards, resulting in a more specific and unique flavor profile.

    At Bénard-Pitois, a family of Champagne makers dating back to 1878, Michelle and Laurent Bénard-Louis continue the family tradition of working the soil and the vine with respect and precision. Their passion for their work is reflected in the high-quality Champagne they produce, appreciated both in France and abroad, and exclusively imported in Ireland by Whelehans wines.

    With a vineyard of 9.5 hectares located on the hills of 6 villages in the Great Marne Valley and the Côte des Blancs, their Classified Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards are perfect for exploring the terroir of Champagne.

    For a true taste of luxury, why not try our direct import Bernard Pitois Carte Blanche Champagne? Pair it with the award-winning handmade chocolates from Chez Emily & Lorge, two of Ireland's premier chocolatiers, and experience the ultimate in artisanal indulgence, as the perfectly rich and creamy texture of chocolate complement the lovely effervescence of Champagne, creating a delightful balance of flavors.

    Online or In-Store, visit us in Dublin today to discover the best of Champagne and wine in Ireland. 

    With Whelehans Wines, taste the terroir in your glass!