Virtual Wine Tasting Experiences


We are particularly proud of our virtual wine tasting experiences which we run from our award-winning wine store. Our focus is to deliver lots of knowledge in a fun and engaged way. Depending on the size of the group, minimum group size being 20, we may invite one of our winemakers to join the event.  These tastings are all bespoke and the wine styles are agreed with the organisers to ensure maximum pleasure. The tastings themselves are scheduled for one hour but almost always overrun as the group gets enthralled by the wines and want to learn more.

How it works:

How most of our tastings work is that each participant on the virtual tasting is sent 3 ½ bottles of the agreed wines to be savoured, explored and enjoyed. This amount of wine is ample for at least two participants per location!

Team Building:

We have found that these tastings can provide a unique way for multiple location teams to catch up and meet up. Needless-to-say when we sign off the chat continues. We hope to catch up with you and your colleagues on line to toast the years ahead!


For any queries, or if you would like to book a virtual wine tasting for a group or your company, please email Gavin & David to  including the details below:

- Company name

- Number of people

- Approx. budget per attendee

- Your contact number

or phone them on (01)9011144, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.


We look forward hearing from you.

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