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    For those of you who are new to the sport of En Primeur, it is often described as a wine future. Whereby you buy wine while it is still maturing in the Châteaux cellars. The reason why people opt to do this is:

    1] The first release of the wine from the Châteaux is often discounted, not always however.

    2] Can be a method of securing wines that are in high demand.

    3] Can be an interesting gift birth year……….

    4] Fun way to build up a wine cellar


    How it works

    1] The Châteaux start to release prices typically from mid-April, daily by email and this continues until the end of May or even later.  There is often a bit of excitement as the journalists release their scoring/tasting notes on the wine and everyone tentatively awaits to see how the most famous Châteaux price their wines.

    2] Whelehans Wines will take a view on the wines that they feel are worth following or wines that are particularly well reviewed and offer them by email daily to those who have registered with us. We will act as a filter to avoid you getting bombarded with 100’s of emails.

     3] The en primeur price covers the wine, delivery from France to Whelehans Wines and warehouse receiving charges. The price however excludes duty and vat which is payable on collection of the wine. Currently duty is €3.18 per bottle and vat 21%.

    4] Once you place your order by email – we check availability and if available we confirm your order and take payment.

    5] The wines when they are released by the Châteaux, for example vintage 2018 would be consolidated and shipped into Ireland to our bonded warehouse September 2020. All clients must collect their full allocation of wines within 3 months of their arrival into Ireland and settle the duty and vat on collection of their wines.


    SIGN UP here and keep up to date with En Primeur Exclusive News & Infos.