Juzzz - naturally & refreshing, 2020

  • Alcohol0.0 %
  • NatureVegan

Why Buy Me

JUZZZ is the perfect non-alcoholic, vegan beverage

  • JUZZZ is your refreshment for all moments. The harmonic balance between the acid of the Verjus – the juice of early harvested grapes, and the sweetness of the elderflowers give JUZZZ its freshness. Moreover, the lemon balm imparts JUZZZ its herbal note.
  • JUZZZ is more than a beverage – it’s a lifestyle. We life happiness and want you to life it too with JUZZZ, your family and friends.
  • JUZZZ should be served cold with fresh lemon balms and some ice and just like a great wine out of a wine glass in order to demonstrate its aromatic and high quality.
  • JUZZZ is like wine a seasonal beverage that’s why our naturally based drink is affected by its vintage.

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