Domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie Semper Excelsior, 2018

  • Grape VarietyMelon de Bourgogne
  • AppellationMuscadet Sèvre et Maine
  • Alcohol13 %
  • SourceShipped Exclusively
  • NatureOrganic
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Why Buy Me

Domaine Luneau Papin, stemming from the 17th century now in its 9th generation incarnation is a certified organic and bio-dynamic producer, factors that are indicators of excellence but no guarantee.  In the case of this Domaine,  we can confirm that their Muscadets comfortably occupy the space of ‘Best in Class’,  in our view their Muscadets are as good as they get.  Pierre Luneau-Papin and his wife Marie now carry the baton for the family as they carefully etch out the Melon de Bourgogne grapes from their historic, site-specific vineyards and craft their highly acclaimed wines. Read more.

Winemaker's Pitch

From the Cru of Goulaine, the Les Noëlles vineyard plot, planted in 1936, creates exceptional wines. Harvested by hand and aged for 36 months on its lees in underground vats (concrete + glass paste tiles) in order to highlight the alchemy of 'a great terroir combined with the know-how of the artisan winemaker. Excelsior was born then and it is since, one of the most popular vintages by international tables, enlightened amateurs and the specialized press.

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