La Scolca Il Valentino, 2020

  • Grape VarietyCortese
  • AppellationGavi
  • Alcohol12 %
  • SourceShipped Exclusively

Why Buy Me

What is striking when one arrives at Tenuta La Scolca, in addition to the ancient tower that dominates the house, is the pleasant atmosphere: tradition, hard work and commitment have brought a sense of harmony and intention to all that takes place. Giorgio Soldati has proven himself to be a valid and innovative interpreter: he has created an extraordinary set of wines that have brought honor to the “Gavi” region and to the Cortese grape. The greatest task has been leading the company, working to strengthen its image and reputation throughout the world and maintaining the highest possible quality standards. Read more.

Winemaker's Pitch

This wine joins the perfumed fragrance and intense savour to a lightness that leads itself to distribution for every table. The light taste, but rich of body, highly typical and characterized fits it for informal and youthful consumption while maintaining the traditional and undisputed quality guaranteed by La Scola's wineries.



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