At Whelehans Wines we are delighted to offer a unique range of wine tasting experiences and wine appreciation courses in our ‘W’ Wine School. ‘W’ Wine School classes take place above the Wine Store in our ‘Tasting Rooms’, a beautiful, spacious and modern learning environment. At the ‘W’ Wine School we aim to deliver passionate, enthusiastic, expert and most importantly, fun wine appreciation courses.

Wine Appreciation Course

Our ‘W’ wine appreciation course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about wine tasting and the origins of the wine they are drinking. This four week course will take place on

Thursday evenings from 7.15pm – 8.45pm.
Course Overview

Currently closed

Our team of wine experts will deliver a general overview of the world of wine, teaching you how to taste wines in a structured way.

At each evening lecture six wines will be tasted to help you develop a tasting proficiency.

During each week of the course we will explore both the principle wine regions of the world and the key grape varieties.

On completion of the course attendees should to feel very comfortable tasting and talking about wine in an informed way.

Cost: €120

WSET Course

Currently not available.

On hold

Our Experts

Gavin Watchorn

Gavin Watchorn has worked in wine retail and wholesale for more than 25 years. He has travelled widely and tasted even more widely. He brings a unique slant to wine education combining wit, depth of knowledge and a certain irreverence.

David Whelehan

David Whelehan has been submerged in the world of wine for over 40 years. Tutored by his father ‘TP’ he learned the rudiments of wine tasting at an early age and continues to fine tune his palate daily. He has worked in wineries in France and California, has travelled widely and tasted extensively. He is a diploma holder from the WSET and has successfully completed the 1 st year of the MW program. He is TV3’s Saturday AM resident wine expert. David leads the team bringing his depth of knowledge, his insatiable passion and inherent encouraging nature.

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