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May 27, 2020 1 min read

Country: France
Appellation: Saumur Champigny


In 1967, Maurice Filliatreau left his 8 hectares of vineyards to his son Paul. At the time the rosé wines prevailed. The delicacy and the spirit of the Saumur Champigny had not yet become popular. Paul Filliatreau loved this light, fresh wine full of red fruit aromas, and with his wife, Lena, he devoted himself to its production. He travelled throughout France to make people discover the joys of his Saumur Champigny. Today, its special charm appeals to a large number of amateurs. With method and perseverance Paul expanded his Domaine. His mother, « Mamie », joined him and took care of the sales at the Domaine, and later his children Fredrik and Christina, came into the family business. Today the Domaine Filliatreau covers 40 hectares and their wines are exceptional.


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Chateau Fouquet "Le Clos" Saumur Champigny - 

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